Who are we :

With over ten years of experience in training and education, Upgrade Training Center provides individuals and corporations with supreme services that quench their thirst of knowledge using modern and contemporary methods.

While applying innovative and practical hands-on learning methods, we design our courses in a method focusing on the learner who will acquire pragmatic skills essential for his personal or vocational development.

Moreover, with customized enterprise resources, Upgrade Training Center is able to provide business solutions that would empower corporate training managers to easily administer desired curricula and effectively monitor the progress of the participants.

Our programs can be tailor made for closed classes, or preset (Click here to check a list of training provided). Either way, all sessions are prepared with extensive design following thorough investigation at the market needs and the availability of highly efficient instructors to deliver the course, especially that all of our trainers are chosen not only according to their have long teaching and training experience, but also to their hands-on field expertise.

The variety of learning options at Upgrade Training Center allows trainees to learn in the manner that best suits their schedule, budget, learning style and level of expertise.


To inspire progress and contribute to the upgrading of skills and thus the quality of living of individuals through integrated practical training and educational

For Individuals: To be partners in their progress of upgrading their own Skills; Careers; Quality of Life!

For Corporations: To be synergistic in the process of interactive learning for vocational advancement and corporate development


Our vision is nothing less than realizing and satisfying the training needs of individuals and corporations in order to drive a new era of skill development, vocational advancement and personal growth.


Our main goal is to help you reach YOURS!

With a unique method of delivery, we utilize an interactive method of training which not only incorporates methodologies, but also hands-on experiences – of immense importance for effective skill development.

Our goals are directed towards:

- Offering students interactive courses that lead them to pursue their future goals

- Providing a caring and professional learning experience

- Applying a student-centered delivery approach

- Employing meticulously-selected course material for diverse backgrounds and learning styles

- Building students’ self-confidence and proficiency in the topic of training

- Empowering individuals to better pursue their goals

And most importantly:

- Helping individuals UPGRADE their SKILLS – CAREERS – QUALITY OF LIFE!